Transformative Childhood Education: How a Quality Program Can Make A Difference

By Angela Hehir, Early Childhood Education Director

By Angela Hehir, Early Childhood Education Director

Because of the malleability of a child’s young mind, it’s important that children between ages 0-3 have access to activities that can help build a strong foundation for their neurological development.

An intentional early childhood education plan can pave the way for a well-rounded education

An Environment That Fosters Growth

The best childcare professionals are experts at creating and executing a well-planned curriculum to support their early childhood education classroom and, along with it, the toys, tools, and other equipment necessary to foster a child’s integral development from 0-3.

For toddlers, these resources help to build their sense of independence, refine their motor skills, and introduce creative methods of boosting their language skills. 

Building A Foundation For Strong Social Skills

Socialization becomes especially important for toddlers between 24-36 months. Interacting in a group setting will give them an opportunity to build empathy for others, understand the consequences of their actions, gain confidence as they build early friendships, and demonstrate “increasingly sophisticated social skills” by the time they reach elementary school. 

Preparing Children For Lessons To Come

For children with little classroom experience, their first day at kindergarten can be a bit of a shock. Alternatively, children who have familiarized themselves with this process from an early age are less likely to feel out of place. 

Positive, highly engaging activities—like those provided at a quality pre-kindergarten program—play a significant role in a child’s life as they continue to progress on their educational journey.

A Resource For Families When They Need It

For many families, early childhood education provides parents with the freedom to choose the best path for their family, such as choosing a program that will help them care for their child when they return to work. Raising children in a happy, stress-free environment is as important as their education in setting them up for success. 

Start Your Child’s Education On The Right Foot

Quality early education can make a big difference in a student’s academic, socio-emotional, cognitive-intellectual, developmental, physical, and creative growth. 

We’ve seen, firsthand, how children blossom during their time in our Infant and Toddler Rooms and, time and time again, we have witnessed how the growth that our students achieved during their early education journey here became the “scaffolding” for their knowledge acquisition in later years.

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