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Understanding Your Child’s Allergies

May 11, 2017 NH Women Magazine

The most effective medication for persistent and significant nasal symptoms is a glucocorticoid nasal spray, which can dramatically relieve symptoms in most people. Some other therapies include oral or nasal antihistamines and leukotriene modifiers which can be used for those with milder symptoms or in conjunction with a nasal steroid spray for more severe symptoms. In addition, nasal irrigation and saline sprays, used to rinse out allergens and irritants from the nose, can also be effective.

Rene Syler, Author or Good Enough Mother

Good Enough Mother with Rene Syler

December 8, 2015 NH Women Magazine

Good Enough Mother, as I often have to explain, is not about half-assed parenting; it is about doing your best and understanding your best will have to do. I totally believe that moms must continue to grow too; just because all these people come crashing into your life does not mean you have to let go of your own dreams and aspirations. Mothers have a right and responsibility to be as good to themselves as they are to everyone else in their lives.  […]

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Getting Unstuck: Nourishing Your Loving Center

December 7, 2015 NH Women Magazine

Breathe Love To the Hurt. Once you’ve located where the negativity is pooling you can take steps to release it. Focus on breathing light and love to your headache, or sore stomach, or shaking hands. Set the intention that with each inhalation positivity permeates every nerve and cell in your body, and with each exhalation all negativity flows out of your body.

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Honest Mommies: Summer Fun (and some battle scars to go along with it)

August 14, 2015 NH Women Magazine

We can’t be the ONLY family with some sort of odd injury every single time we get away. Just as I was questioning whether we should head out onto the open road at all, I learned that my daughter’s friend suffered a similar odd fate on her vacation last year. She was roasting a marshmallow at the campfire and when it was perfectly roasted and ready to meet its chocolate and cracker, it somehow flung off the stick and onto her nose and burned off a layer of skin. Of course I wasn’t happy to hear about her nose but it certainly did make me feel a little more within the range of normal of vacation misfortunes. […]

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