Best Juice Recipes for Kids
5-Ingredient Recipes

‘Best 100 Juices for Kids’ Author Talks with Lisa Estall

May 14, 2015 NH Women Magazine

Cookbook author and food blogger Jessica Fisher has a new book out called, ‘Best 100 Juices For Kids.’ It includes yummy drink ideas without the sugar, corn syrup, and artificial flavors. Seventy of the 100 recipes are for juices, 45 fruit-based and 25 vegetable-based. The remaining 30 feature smoothies, including several dairy-free recipes, and “sparklies,” which are club-soda–based carbonated drinks. […]

Positive Moms Hot Apple Cider
5-Ingredient Recipes

Best Juices for Kids: Hot Apple Cider

March 3, 2015 NH Women Magazine

Happy Tuesday! I received a great book by Jessica Fisher and published by Harvard Common Press in Boston. It’s called, “Best 100 Juices for Kids.” It’s been sitting on my desk and with impending snow on the way tonight (ugh!), I wanted to make a warm treat for my twins. I came across this delightfully-delicious recipe and wanted to share! Let me know what you think. […]

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