Trying to Get Pregnant

Reconnecting With Your Own Rhythm for Healing and Family Planning

May 19, 2017 NH Women Magazine

A woman who is currently using NFP reports “Besides the cost of a checkup, NFP is totally free. There are no paid subscriptions to a monthly pill pack. NFP also allows me the opportunity to understand my body and how it works. I track my cycle every day and see changes in cervical discharge. This helps me understand what is happening with my body in general, and my fertility cycle. Perhaps the most fulfilling part of practicing NFP is the authentic, loving, and communicative relationship it promotes.” […]

Hospital Food Options

CMC Exclusive: Eating During Labor

May 11, 2017 NH Women Magazine

So, why the restriction on eating during labor? A little bit of history is needed to understand the answer. As labor and birth moved from home to hospital in the first quarter of the 20th century, a variety of anesthetics were tried with laboring women to limit (or eliminate) pain. Some of the anesthesia used put women to sleep during labor and increased the risk of aspiration – the entry of fluids or food from the gastrointestinal tract to the respiratory system, a potentially life threatening occurrence. […]

Natural Medicine

CMC Exclusive: Exploring Plant Medicine for Pregnancy and Birth

October 10, 2016 NH Women Magazine

More and more women are exploring plant healing. Often, pregnancy and parenting are times in a women’s life when she begins to explore the use of herbs for herself and her family. Women sometimes find these remedies to be more helpful than the western medicine alternative, or have fewer side effects. Some women like the idea that they can make the remedies themselves at home. Preparing her own food or medicine can be a very empowering act for a woman as she prepares to bring new life into the world. […]

Mother Holding Baby

How to Be a Bother in Birth

May 2, 2016 NH Women Magazine

What is one thing you can do or say now or in the future to express how you feel or felt, to communicate your needs, wants, or expectations? What new thing are you willing to try? Whom do you need for support? Write it down; maybe even draw an image of this interaction. Who else is there, where are you, what does it look like for you to say what you need or want to say?
Regardless of any interaction you have had or will have in the future, what is still true about you as a mom, dad, parent or person, no matter what? What do you always know about yourself that comes from a place of valuing yourself as an individual? How can you bring that to each interaction you have? […]

Pregnant Woman Holding a Help Sign

Perinatal Mental Health

March 1, 2016 NH Women Magazine

There are so many factors impacting perinatal mental health and illness. (Perinatal refers to the period of time from conception to a year or so after birth) Universal screening is one way to begin to identify it, but let’s have a bigger, more complex conversation; one that involves both the normal feelings of loss that come with the transformation to parenthood, and that involves the cultural forces that are likely involved in the experience of perinatal mental health and illness. […]

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