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New Hampshire Women Magazine (NHWM) is a local, women-run publication featuring remarkable women from our state who are defying the odds, inspiring readers, and showing New Hampshire girls they can do anything they put their minds and hearts to.

We’re New Hampshire Entrepreneurs, Advocates, and Hard-Working Moms

We knew it wouldn’t be an easy road to start another publication from scratch. Between being entrepreneurs, advocates, and hard-working moms – life can get pretty crazy. But, there’s this push inside of us that Just. Won’t. Quit. “Keep going,” it says. “This is the time.” And, it certainly is

So Far. So Fast!

We’ve already come so far. But, there’s much more to do to make New Hampshire Women Magazine a household name and the most widely-read, women-focused publication around.

Today, We Bring Inspiring Stories to Local Women and Hopeful Girls of New Hampshire

    • Jane Young, Assistant Deputy Attorney General of NH (Nov. 2018 NHWM Cover Woman – in progress)
    • Amanda Pearson, Commercial Airline Captain from New Hampshire (October 2018 Cover Woman),
    • Melissa Fifield, Female NASCAR Race Car Drive from Wakefield, NH (September 2018 Cover Woman)
    • Michelle Edmark, Warden of the NH State Men’s Prison (August 2018 NHWM Cover Woman)
    • Chef Maryanne Esposito, NH-Chef with longest-running cooking show in PBS history (July 2018 NHWMN Cover Woman
    • Patricia Lynch, Executive Director of The Music Hall in Portsmouth (June 2018 NHWM Cover Woman)
  • Edie and Forest Barker, NH Farmers at Barker’s Farm (June 2018 NHWM Cover Women

Do You Have an Inspiring Business Woman You’d Like Featured?

Along with our cover women, we offer businesses the unique opportunity to feature inspiring women in their businesses via a sponsorship package. From full-page, professionally-written pieces to 1/2 page tributes, we have the opportunity and the readership to honor incredible women in the workforce. Please contact Melissa Diorio today at [email protected] to learn more. Space fills quickly.

We Offer Expert Columnist Opportunities

Along with traditional opportunities, we can help you and your organization become the go-to for our expanding readership. Because we work with talented writers and designers, we can help craft your content.

CONTACT YOUR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE TODAY: Melissa Diorio, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, 603.591.4952 Email: Email Melissa Diorio

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