Spotlight Jen Sebeny: Getting Fit & Giving Back

Jen Sebeny

Written by Crystal Ward Kent

Jen Sebeny is fiercely committed to many things—indoor cycling, personal empowerment, and giving back.  As master instructor and owner of CycleFierce in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the Seacoast’s first and only indoor cycling studio, she has found herself in a unique position to combine her passions.  “I was committed to having us be a place of positivity, connection and empowerment,” says Sebeny. “It has become all of that and more.”

Sebeny, who is originally from the Washington DC area, has been teaching indoor cycling for more than 18 years.  She worked on the business side of DC law firms for 20 years, but always dreamed of owning an indoor cycling studio.  “I found that riding offered me an escape from the stresses of work and daily life,” she says. “When I left my corporate job and moved here, I knew this was the right time to go out on my own. I wanted to share my passion and help others the same way.”

Sebeny wanted CycleFierce to be more than a cycling studio and to offer clients more than a great workout.  “Giving back and fundraising was part of the mission from the start. It’s part of our soul, part of what we do. When people connect to do good, they are empowered and everyone benefits from the positive environment. We know that everyone is passionate about something, so by offering people a platform, we can help. And when people leave, they feel good, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally—that’s the power of giving back.”

CycleFierce has a fundraising program called “Your Cause—Fierce Effect,” and does one to two fundraisers each month for worthy causes. The company donates the studio and instructor and a two-hour time block. The charity can charge whatever they want for the studio’s 32 bikes, which the charity “sells” to guests looking to help the cause.  “They can charge $20 a bike, $50 a bike—whatever will help them reach their fundraising goals,” explains Sebeny. “One hundred percent of the funds raised go to the charity. They can also serve refreshments and hold a raffle. It’s a pretty easy way to raise money and get a great workout at the same time. It’s a win-win.”

Sebeny feels that the fundraisers have been successful because cycling is popular and indoor cycling is a very accessible form of fitness. “It’s very adaptable to a wide range of fitness levels. Whether you are attending a fundraiser or coming to the studio for exercise, we make it work for all levels and we guarantee a good workout. We’ve also found that when you do good, you feel good—we love to give back and so do our clients.”

CycleFierce is always looking for ways to support the community and build partnerships. They plan to continue their outreach going forward. They also want to encourage others to join them. “We have people at all levels of fitness here,” says Jen.  “We have elite athletes and weekend riders, as well as people who have never done any kind of fitness. All are welcome and we find that everyone connects here. It’s because we all have the same motivations—doing good and being our best selves. When you start helping others, you become more motivated, and when you are motivated, good things happen. You start seeing transformation in other parts of your life as well.  It’s amazing how one good thing leads to another.”

Positivity. Connection. Empowerment—CycleFierce’s motto, but perhaps a recipe for life change as well! To learn more about CycleFierce, or fundraising opportunities, please visit, call (603) 433-2453, or email at

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