Nontoxic Tips: Clean the Grill With What?!

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Nontoxic Tips: Clean the Grill With What?

Written by: Leslie Reichart, Green Cleaning Coach

I just read a report on that reminded me that metal grill brushes do a great job of cleaning the grill, but the metal bristles can fall out of the brush and end up in our food!  One tiny metal bristle can puncture any part of our digestive tract.  You can read about the poor lady that had to have surgery to remove a wire from her stomach. She was lucky because she went right in when she started feeling the pain in her stomach. Another man mentioned in the article wasn’t so lucky. The small metal wire traveled to his intestines and he had to have emergency surgery.

So how do we keep our grills clean without our trusty little metal brushes. Well, I have a few techniques for you to use and you may find that they clean the grill BETTER that the metal brush.

Roll up a ball of aluminum foil and rub it over the grates. This will work the same way the brush does without leaving anything on the grates.

Cut a potato or onion in half and place it on a long serving fork. Heat the grill and rub the onion or potato over the grill grates. Both potatoes and onions have a natural organic acid that will work to loosen burnt on food from the grates.

Cut a lemon in half and place it on the serving fork, just like we did with the potato above. Lemons are also acidic and will work to remove buildup and grease that may be on the grates.

Be very careful this weekend when cleaning your grill. Those metal grill brushes can leave metal bristles on your grill grates and they can end up in your food. Instead, use rolled up foil or a potato ? to clean the grill. Much safer for you and your guests. The last thing you want to do is send someone to the emergency room!

Cover the grates with foil. Using foil to cover the grates will protect the food from anything that is on the grates. I recommend cleaning the grates first and then covering them with foil so you don’t get a flair up of grease.

Clean the grates before and after using the grill. Turn the heat of the grill on high and let the grates heat up. If there is any built up grease it may catch on fire and the flame will burn off the grease. Never leave the grill unattended during this process. If the flame gets out of control, turn off the gas on the controls as well as the gas coming from the propane tank and move the tank away from the grill. Keep a box of baking powder or corn starch near the grill at all times and place it on the flame to put it out. Close the grill and move it away from anything flammable.

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