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Lisa Vuich, MD Renew MediSpa

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Whether it’s accomplishing more at work, home, or the gym, we are always looking for extra efficiency! In the world of antiaging, medical professionals are frequently on the look out for therapies that accomplish more than one goal and with little or no downtime. Let me tell you, it’s not an easy bill to fit!

Recently at Renew we were able to add an innovative procedure to the myriad of antiaging services we offer. For years we have offered both laser and micro-needling services which treat unwanted pigment but also textural concerns such as large pores, dullness and fine lines.  We would frequently combine this with platelet rich plasma- the so-called “Vampire Facial”- to harness the power of your own growth factors for skin rejuvenation as well.  You might recall the Kim Kardashian social media post a number of years ago with what appeared to be blood smeared all over her face! It was quite a dramatization of a procedure that’s not really dramatic at all. 

Micro-needling with heat adds yet another dimension to collagen remodeling. The heat acts as a separate stimulus, telling your fibroblasts to produce more collagen in response to the dermal injury of the heat. 

Our latest skin treatment, “Total Skin”, combines all of these types of stimulation but with no blood draw needed. “Total Skin” is a procedure which combines micro-needling at multiple dermal levels with radiofrequency heat, AND a layer of laser skin resurfacing to top it off. Add to that the availability of biomimetic growth factors which are infused along with the treatment and you have the true “triple whammy” of collagen stimulations, with only topical numbing cream needed.

Biomimetic growth factors are engineered to behave in the same way that your own platelet derived growth factors are, without having to harvest your platelets with a blood draw. After an hour of topical numbing cream, the face and neck are treated fully in a procedure that takes approximately 75 minutes.

The downtime is also minimal. This is fortunately a treatment that does not require you to take time off work or hide from the public eye. Mild redness (looks like a sunburn) is present for a day, along with subtle textural changes and shedding pigment that only you are aware of. If you have never had this treatment done before and you are in your 40’s or above, we recommend a series of 3 sessions initially. Thereafter, maintenance sessions once a year may suffice to continue to restore the collagen you had other wise lost as part of the natural aging process.

The same device is now also allowing us to treat thinning hair for men and women more efficiently and comfortably than ever before. Over two thirds of postmenopausal women struggle with thinning hair. Many of them cannot afford the expense or downtime of platelet rich plasma treatments, which require a blood draw and numbing injections which many find painful. This new technology is called Keralase, and it’s an alternative to those platelet rich plasma (PRP) scalp injections. Although PRP treatments can be very useful for thinning hair, they can be uncomfortable, time intensive, and some people’s growth factor is not as well balanced as others. Unfortunately we cannot tell in advance if someone has inhibitory growth factors in their blood, which can lead to treatment failures. During a Keralase session, the laser portion of the Total Skin treatment is utilized to create microchannels in the scalp (painless, believe it or not) through which additional biomimetic growth factors can be infused to stimulate new hair growth and improve the health of existing hair follicles. This particular treatment requires no numbing and takes just 15 minutes, making it ideal for the busy lifestyle. It is also less expensive than PRP sessions.

 If you have questions on any of our regenerative treatments at Renew, we are pleased to offer free “Head to Toe” consultations with Danielle or with Laura. They can help you determine what treatment choices would be best to achieve your individual goals and address your concerns. Feel free to give us a call at 603-894-0070 or stop by at 23B Crystal Avenue in Derry, NH. 

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