Meet Jessica Principe, Founder, All Girl Shave Club

Written by Crystal Ward Kent – Photos by Lindsay Leigh Photography

The Entrepreneur

Principe created All Girls Shave Club, which is based out of Merrimack, New Hampshire, to fill a unique product need. The Club provides fun, feminine and unique shaving products to women via a monthly subscription service. 

Why: Being an entrepreneur is in my blood; I come from a family of entrepreneurs, so I always knew I would start my own business one day. I just wasn’t sure what form it was going to take. Then, in 2016, I got the idea while shaving my legs. I had borrowed one of my husband’s razors. He belonged to a razor subscription service where he got nice, fresh, sharp razors delivered regularly. I thought, “Why shouldn’t women have their own special shaving products?” I did my research, and by the end of 2016 I launched All Girl Shave Club.  It was hard work, but the Club has taken off. I was clearly filling a need that no one else had thought to tap into.

Rewards: I love the flexibility of being my own boss. I can work around my family’s schedule, so I’m there for them. I love being able to be home when my two children come home from school. My family is very important to me, and this business has given me the means to work, yet have time for them. I also find that running my own company gives me a creative outlet and challenges me in a good way. I love what I do, and find great satisfaction in sourcing products and running the company.

Challenges: For all of the benefits, running a business is a huge challenge. You have a lot of responsibilities and problems to solve, especially initially. When I started, I was used to having the resources of a big corporation available. If you had a computer problem, you just called the IT department. When you are on your own, you have to figure things out for yourself.  Every issue that comes up, you have to find a solution. I put in a LOT of hours that first year. I was still working full time, managing my home, and then putting every free moment toward launching the business. However, it was worth it. Now, the business is going well and I can enjoy more time with my family. 

Advice: Give yourself permission to be a beginner. You don’t have to know everything to get started. It’s okay to learn as you go. I changed my mind a number of times about exactly what direction my business was going to take as I went through the process. You also need trust yourself—some of the things I wound up doing went against what others recommended, but I felt that they were the right move, and they were, for me.  I also always look for ways to grow and expand the business. For example, I’ll be launching some new products for 2019, such as new creams and lotions. I’m always looking for ways to innovate and help All Girl Shave Club reach its potential! 

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