For Kristyn Nelson of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices/Verani Realty in Bedford, New Hampshire, being a real estate agent is all about the people.  “I love being in the position to help people,” she explains.

“I find that being an agent is a bit like being a therapist, in that you coach people to guide them to where they want to be. I’m also able to help people think outside the box. Sometimes a situation will seem impossible and I see people ready to give up on their dreams. However, I’ve learned that often the impossible IS possible. I love figuring out a way to make things work. Being a real estate agent is not just about the transaction; it’s about that personal partnership.”

    Nelson also loves the professional freedom that being a real estate agent brings, the flexibility is important, as she is the mom of two. “It’s my business, and I’m very passionate about it—it doesn’t feel like work; I’m always excited to head to the office. I love the fact that there’s no ceiling—that I can work as much or as little as I want and see the results accordingly. I can build the business however I want. And, I love feeling the satisfaction of seeing my hard work pay off. Seeing happy clients and doing well is very rewarding.”

    While home sales are up in general, Nelson is seeing some definite trends. We are seeing more multi-generational homes, either with in-law apartments, or smaller cottages for grandparents built on the grounds. With so many couples working, it’s becoming a good option. The grandparents get a comfortable place to live and the parents get help with child care.” 

    The other trend Nelson has noticed is home-buyers wanting places a little further out in the country. Many buyers are still seeking properties near urban centers, but there are those looking for a bit more land so they can have chickens and bigger vegetable gardens. “Chickens are very popular!” she laughs.

    Nelson, who has a marketing background, is eager to be part of the future of real estate and was excited to be chosen for Berkshire Hathaway’s REThink Council, a group of 15 agents selected nationwide to brainstorm about how their field can evolve for the future. “We meet four times a year and everyone shares their strategies and ideas. We problem-solve, discuss marketing, and ask questions. We are all under forty, and we are all top producers in our locations, so there is a lot of incredible information being shared.”

    Nelson loves working with all buyers and sellers, whether the goal is a small condo, new construction, or a million-dollar home. She also especially enjoys working within her hometown of Bedford. “I’m like Google,” she laughs. “If people want to know anything, from vendors to services and multiple options with each, I can tell them. I love promoting what Bedford has to offer.” 

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