Written by Mel J.

Karin Provencher has spent her entire adult life in real estate, starting her career in 1992.  With the encouragement of the owner of the first office she joined, she worked hard and was motivated to succeed.

She earned Rookie of The Year her first year in the business, from that point on she knew real estate was the path for her.  She now runs the successful team of NH Realty Gals at Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan office in Bedford NH.  

   “I love the challenge each transaction brings and enjoy finding the right home and right solution for every client.  I’m a bit of a workaholic, and when you follow your passion it’s easy to work and hustle 24/7.” said Provencher.  

   “I’m an entrepreneur at heart. That’s why I continue to grow in the industry. Expanding my systems to a team was the next natural step in the growth of my career.  I enjoy helping clients buy and sell homes, doing hands on work flipping homes as well as growing a powerful female real estate team and now being a general contractor, building new homes, my commitment is to learn and grow in all aspects of the real estate industry.”

Is there a perception out there about what women in real estate are like?

Provencher admits that even today, there are more males in leadership than women. “Women are succeeding, but often put in roles where they are the support rather than leadership roles. Even though there are so many women in real estate the number of women in leadership positions is disproportionate.” 

   With clients, Provencher states “It comes down to acknowledging that you deserve a seat at the table. Knowing you absolutely should be the person representing your client.  When it comes to houses, clients are often taken off guard by my level of knowledge of repairs and construction.”

How have you surprised yourself in the past year?

“I am in awe of the townhomes I am currently building; this has been a path of continued growth.  It’s a great feeling of accomplishment fueled by years of banked knowledge and support of a team of subcontractors and good friends.” 

What are the differences a female General Contractor can make?

Putting more thought into the details of function, selection of colors and finishes and having a greater level of communication to subcontractors.” 

What’s a tip for women for their real estate careers?

“You get thrown a lot of curveballs, be flexible, understand that things are not going to go as smooth as you think. You also have to know there is a solution to everything and you’re going to succeed.”

What do you enjoy in your off time?

“Travel, often to Disney it’s a great escape from the grind but also the level of client service and logistics is inspiring. Additionally, I love traveling overseas I’ve been several places but there is still a long bucket list of places I still want to see. Locally, I love taking my jack Russell out for a bike ride on the local rail trails or 4-wheeling.

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