Julie Pruett: A Time of Transformation

Julie Pruett

 Julie Pruett: A Time of Transformation

Sometimes a year is all about becoming who you are supposed to be and doing what you are supposed to do—such was 2019 for Julie Pruett, owner of A Beautiful You by Julie.  Located in Londonderry, New Hampshire, A Beautiful You by Julie provides alternative hair treatments and styling for women who are losing or have lost their hair. Sometimes the hair loss is due to illness; other times, it may be genetic or even due to anxiety.  Although Pruett is a veteran business owner, hair stylist and certified wig/alternative hair expert, her new venture is something she has not done before. She is also breaking new ground with the types of services she offers, as there are few specializing in this area. As a result, she is working hard to educate people about what she offers, and spreading the word so that women in need of her expertise can discover her business.

“2019 was better than expected, given that we were only officially open a little over a year,” says Pruett. “I’m still feeling very positive about everything. It can be easy to get discouraged in the beginning, but I know I’ll get to where I want to be.  My strategy is to picture success, then look at what it will take to get me there, and work backwards. You just need to go step by step.”

Pruett notes that client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, which lets her know that she’s on the right track. “I’ve had so many positive emails, comments and remarks on Google.  The more the word gets out, the more compliments I receive. I’ve also gotten a lot of referrals, both from word-of-mouth and from Google. Oncology doctors are passing my name around as well, and that’s very helpful.”

She admits that since she is a one-person enterprise at the moment, it can be hard to do all the things she needs to do in terms of education and promotion, and still run the business. “I have to be here if I’m open,” she says. “I would never want someone to come by looking for information or an appointment, and me not to be here. So, I’m still figuring out how to get it all done. However, it’s happening and I know I’ll get there.”

Pruett says her big goal for 2020 is to blend her personal goals with her professional goals. “I have to support myself, but I’m really not doing this for financial gain,” she says. “I created this business because I truly want to help these women feel good about themselves. I find it so rewarding to be able to work with a client and help them recapture a bit of who they are by aiding them in selecting alternative hair. If you feel good about how you look, and feel like yourself again, you feel like you can do anything. Going forward, I want to spend most of my time helping people, and if I can do that through my business, then my future will be tremendously satisfying.”

Pruett is also continuing to refine her business’s environment, as she wants her clients’ experience to be both relaxing and positive. “The women who come here feel vulnerable,” she says.  “Part of my job is to make them feel positive and to take away that stress. I make sure that they know this is a supportive place, and we are all in it together.

“You know, we shed a lot of tears here, because transformation can be emotional,” she continues. “Sometimes they are tears over what they are dealing with, but mostly they are happy tears as they regain some hope.”

Whatever 2020 brings, Pruett knows it will be positive and powerful. “I have women telling me that what I do has changed their lives,” she says. “It doesn’t get any more real than that. Knowing that what I do is so important and needed is all the motivation I need to succeed.”

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