Julie Corey: Healing Artist

Written by Crystal Ward Kent

Julie Corey loves being a female entrepreneur, and although she has run several different businesses in her lifetime, she still gets excited about her latest ventures. “I’ve learned something from every business I’ve run, and I look upon each one as an opportunity to grow and try something new,” she explains. “There is always something to look forward to.”

            Corey owns The Village Drum LLC in Sunapee, New Hampshire and Walk in Beauty Spa & Wellness on the shores of Lake Sunapee in Newbury, New Hampshire.  At the Village Drum, Corey facilitates drumming circles, provides instruction, and works with other songwriters, musicians and dancers. She provides educational outreach to local schools and the community about the power and origins of drumming, and encourages others to discover the healing properties of music, dance and drums. Walk in Beauty Spa & Wellness Center may seem like it’s at the other end of the business spectrum, but it shares a common bond with The Village Drum as its root focus is also on the healing arts.

            “Walk in Beauty is a woman’s cooperative that offers a variety of traditional spa treatments such as massage, nails, skin care, waxing, lash tints and other aesthetic treatments,” says Corey. “However, we have more of an holistic aspect than other spas. I’m a certified spiritual counselor, as are two other members of my staff, so we can assist guests with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. I’m also a massage therapist who has spent more than 26 years working in the healing arts, and myself and most of my staff are Reiki certified. We feel that the Reiki element enhances every treatment that our guests receive. I think this is especially helpful today as we live in such stressful times. When guests come here, they leave feeling truly relaxed and rejuvenated.”

            Corey works diligently to make sure that the spa is up-to-date on the latest treatments and they already feature some advanced offerings such as ultrasonics, skin refinement therapy, and chemical peels that hydrate the skin and help turn back the clock; they also use products from the Dermalogica Skin Care line. One of her goals for 2020 is to continue to keep the spa on the leading edge of aesthetic treatments. “We plan to start working more with LED light treatment for skin issues and anti-aging therapies,” she says. “Our ultimate goal is to also offer medispa services. This is where our industry is trending as Baby Boomers are looking for more serious age-reversal treatments. I plan to attend a number of conferences on this, and start looking into the necessary certifications.”

            Corey admits that she is transitioning towards more of an administrative role with the spa, although she still books treatments four days a week, and she remains very active with The Village Drum. “I’ve had that business for 22 years,” she says. “I started drumming many years ago. I learned from some African-American men and women, and also studied with some Native American teachers. All inspired me and encouraged me to drum professionally. It’s very powerful. Recently, I partnered with a wonderful songwriter and a Zumba teacher and we did a week-long residency at a local elementary school. It was amazing to see 100 first graders dancing, singing and moving to the drums. I love doing outreach and drum circle facilitation.”

            As she looks back on 2019, Corey is proud of many achievements, but especially pleased with the staff that has come together at Walk in Beauty. “We have such special people there,” she says. “Anyone who has been in business knows that having a great staff is priceless and not always easy to achieve, but right now, we have a wonderful group. Everyone here works hard; they all want to be the best they can be, and they all care tremendously about their clients. Plus, we all get along and have really similar mindsets. I’m very grateful for them.”

            For more information, please visit www.walkinbeautyspaandwellness.com and www.thevillagedrum.com

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