Innovative Ways To Learn: How 2020 Changed Education For The Better

Innovative Ways To Learn: How 2020 Changed Education For The Better

By: Samantha Wingate, Director of Admissions

Among the many unexpected difficulties brought by 2020, educators have seen the patterns and processes that we’ve grown familiar with truly challenged. This year tested our adaptability and problem-solving skills, urging us to find new, unexplored avenues to attain our goals.

However, we can’t deny the positive impact that the year’s challenges have brought. In our pursuit to prioritize safety and productivity inside and outside the classroom, we’ve learned lessons that we’ll take with us not only through the course of the pandemic, but for years to come. 

The Importance of Resourcefulness

In the shift to remote and hybrid learning plans, finding new techniques to engage students became crucial. Resourcefulness was a necessity as we tested new concepts of what classrooms and class schedules could look like.

Teachers and students alike learned what digital communications could offer and, in the process, improved their digital literacy and personalized approaches. While the technology utilized was certainly not new in 2020, the pandemic nudged us to take full advantage of the valuable digital resources at our disposal and explore non-traditional ways to engage students.

The Socio-Emotional Impact

The pandemic wasn’t a topic that could be avoided in the classroom. Instead, teachers not only found ways to productively discuss COVID-19 and its impact with students, but also to put nerves at ease and manage how uncertainty and anxiety can manifest in children when they’re unsure how to process the changes happening around them.

Without addressing the impact of the pandemic on students’ home lives, relationships, and behaviors, moving forward with core subjects proved futile. The learning process for best addressing students who are handling complex issues and world events is what allowed educators to focus wholeheartedly on other subjects. 

The Power Of Community

Over the past year, it’s been vital to maintain a strong, open connection with families. 

The pandemic pushed schools to discover the best methods to reach homes, so families and teachers would be on the same page in order to provide students with the educational solutions they needed.

It’s thanks to the community we’ve built and strengthened at World Academy that we’re starting 2021 with optimism. We’re confident the lessons learned in 2020 will bring success to our students, teachers, and families in the future. 

We’re incredibly proud of the perseverance they’ve demonstrated over the past year and, looking towards the year ahead, eager to see what else we’ll accomplish together!

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