How Schools Should Prepare To Start The School Year Strong This Fall

By Samantha Wingate, World Academy

Families are facing a lot of uncertainty about what the new school year will look like. Despite unique challenges ahead, it’s every school’s responsibility to take bold steps in ensuring their community is ready.

Here’s how schools should be preparing to meet families and students where their needs lie—online or on campus.

Providing What Families Need Most: Options

Individualized education is the best path to student success. Providing blended learning options will be integral to finding the best balance for students this year.

Thanks to modern technology, parents should be able to expect that schools can provide the same level of education for all students—whether they’re joining class remotely or in-person in the classroom. Students have been through enough with the changes COVID-19 has brought; a

quality education should be a priority among schools, regardless of how they choose to resume operations.

Investing In The Learning Environment

To meet a new set of needs this fall, schools must be aware that operations will likely look different when resuming onsite education.

To meet this challenge, schools must plan to make changes to day-to-day processes by:

  • Limiting large gatherings to adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • Altering lunch/class procedures to prioritize small groups and mitigate student exposure
  • Adding partitions to class spaces and spacing desks 6 feet apart
  • Continuing wellness checks, hand washing and mask requirements for staff & students
  • Increasing cleaning procedures to focus on intense sanitation techniques

Educators should also be committed to making substantial changes to the learning environment, upgrading infrastructures to support healthy learning and provide bandwidth for quality remote instruction.

Technology like modern air filter systems can provide information on airflow throughout the facility, and videoconferencing and remote education cameras in every room help students stay connected.

By investing in technology that optimizes learning spaces, schools can ensure that students continue to progress without a “COVID-19 slide.”

Giving Students The Resources To Succeed

Right now, things may be confusing for families worried about their student’s continued success this fall. There is much to consider to ensure students can thrive. At World Academy, we’re optimistic about returning to full operations on campus thanks to a comprehensive reopening plan that offers parents the options for both on-site and at home and remote learning. If you have questions or would like to learn more about what the new school year can look like for your student, we’d love to chat!


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