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Erica Sarcione

In today’s world, it can be easy to get caught up in the drive for success and acclaim. Society, the media, sometimes even well-meaning friends and family, all push us to achieve. However, it is key not to lose sight of what actually makes us joyful. When we try too hard to please others, but not ourselves, there can be consequences, as Erica Sarcione learned. 

   Sarcione is the owner of Joy Quest, a holistic health center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire that provides guidance to those dealing with physical, mental and emotional health issues, as well as those struggling with various addictions—from food to substance abuse.  Sarcione is well-qualified to help, as she herself has dealt with food addiction and alcoholism. She knows what it’s like to be on the corporate fast-track and has experienced the frustration of “sitting in a box all day.”

   “I struggled with food all of my life,” she recalls. “It really kicked in when I was a teen-ager and dealing with all the issues that teen girls face. Did I look a good enough? Was I getting the grades I needed? Could I get into the right school and be in the right circle of friends? I was trying so hard to be so many things, that I was overloaded. However, I made it through high school, college and graduate school, and actually landed my dream job. I managed the design and development of footwear for a major company and traveled the world. I was going to amazing places, doing work I loved, and clearly on the rise in the corporate sector, but inside, I was falling apart.”

   Sarcione had started to drink to “take the edge off,” but she knew that her drinking was getting out of control. “I was battling anxiety, and my mind was racing all the time,” she says. “Alcohol quieted things, but I knew I couldn’t continue down this road.”

   One day, she woke up and knew changes had to be made—that day. She joined Alcoholics Anonymous, and started working with two therapists—one a traditional psychotherapist—and the other a holistic health coach. She began to feel better, and realized she wanted a different life. Impressed by how the holistic health coach looked at all aspects of her life, Sarcione decided to help others as she had been helped and enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. “I was in bad shape, and yet I got better,” she says. “That made me want to help others. The integrative approach looks at what’s behind the physical and mental health issues and the addictions. It helps you face the ‘why.’”

   Sarcione has since opened Joy Quest. Joy Quest provides individual and group treatments for physical, mental and spiritual healing, as well as addiction counseling, Reiki treatments and wellness retreats (She is hosting a women’s wellness retreat in Sedona, Arizona in January 2020).  In working with clients, Sarcione looks at the items that “feed” our souls, such as homelife, relationships, and work, as well as sound nutrition and lifestyles for a healthy body. While it was initially challenging to get the word out, she now knows that she is in the right place. “I had been working with two very different woman for about three weeks on very different issues. Then, in the same week, it was apparent that something had changed.  They were both incredibly transformed. It was like a miracle. I know this is what I’m meant to do. But, I want to be clear—they did the work. I just shine a light on certain subjects or issues in people’s lives. I help them let go of things that are holding them back and help them move forward, but it is their strength that gets them through the process.”

   Sarcione actively gives back to the community as well, opening her office for Women in AA, offering them free counseling, and also working with those under age 20 for a reduced fee. “It’s important to help young people with issues early on. These can be very damaging years and early intervention can often prevent issues from developing.”

   She is excited for the future, and to have recently moved her practice to Portsmouth, where she is adjacent to the Center for Wellbeing. “I am eager to partner with them in rejuvenative and functional medicine aspects,” she says. “I am also going to India for the month of November to receive indepth training in the physical, mental and historical aspects of yoga. I plan to keep evolving so I can bring my clients as many tools as possible to help them find their joy.”

To learn more, visit, email [email protected], or call 

(603) 918-8357. 

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