EXCLUSIVE: Staying Cool with RHONYC’s Luann de Lesseps!

Luann Delesseps

EXCLUSIVE: Staying Cool with Luann de Lesseps

By Lisa Estall, Positive Moms Magazine

LUANNDELESSEPSAs part of the cast of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City since 2008, Luann de Lesseps keeps herself busy! A single mom at 50, she raises her two children Noel and Victoria in Manhattan and the Hamptons.

She also manages her lifestyle brand and fashion line The Countess Collection and released her latest single “Girl Code” earlier this summer (her previous singles include “”Money Can’t Buy You Class” and “Chic, C’est La Vie”).

If you watched this season’s RHONYC, you saw Luann create closer friendships with her cast mates as well as cause a little bit of a stir with some of them. Her funky necklaces, elegant style, and being open with dating men made the show.

Read my Q & A with the “cool” mom and get a glimpse of her fabulous life.

1.      Tell me about Girl Code. Did you write the song soon after you filmed the episode in Turks and Caicos?  

I was inspired by the women on the show to write the song. After hearing my line “Be Cool, Don’t Be So Uncool” in the Turks and Caicos told me you must do another song and this is the one.. I’m just having fun and hope everyone loves the song.

2. Have you performed the song anywhere else in NYC or in other states? 

The song just came out but we are working on appearances across the country. I performed it at the Gay Pride Parade in NYC which was a wild and wonderful experience.

3. Are you spending a lot of time with your children Victoria and Noel this summer? What do you like to do together as a family? 

Yes, the entire summer we play tennis, we go to the beach we go boating. Victoria is working on her art and Noel is going off to college.

4. Tell me about The Countess Collection. What age group are the clothes designed for?

 The Countess Collection is ‘chic made easy and affordable’. I want to bring my style to women of all ages and sizes.

5.  Last fall, I interviewed Heather Thomson and she told me she always takes the subway. Do you?

I prefer to travel above ground!

6. Do you get friends together to watch RHONYC every week?  

Not really but I do love to live tweet with the fans during the airings.

7. Do people come up to you a lot in the city and The Hamptons?

Oh yes, people are coming up to me all the time asking questions, taking photos , getting my thoughts . I love to interact with my fans

8. Do you socialize with the other cast members while not filming?

We do meet on occasion and run into each other at events but since we spend so much time together during filming, we all need the time off.

9.  What other projects are in the works?

The Countess Collection continues to be a hit on Evine.com and I appear often on their shows Evine Live with new collections.  I am also working on a jewelry collection and a line of infused vodkas both of which will be out in the Fall. Check my website for information (luanndelesseps..com) and find out on twitter and Instagram by following me (countessluann). And if you want to dance to “Girl Code” you can find it on iTunes.

10. Any advice for newly single moms out there?

If you don’t think you are great no one else will.  Take good care of yourself, be adventurous. Be the best mom you can be and keep moving forward!

Photo credit: Courtesy of O&M Co

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