Empowering The Next Generation of Leaders: Dr. Dias Has Her Sights Set On The Future

Lisa Celone Dias joined World Academy in 2001 as  a physical education and health teacher and, in 2007, stepped into the role of principal. 

She earned her Masters in Education from Plymouth State University with K-12 certification, and her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Learning from Rivier University in 2016, before taking the reigns as Head of School at World Academy from Founder and President, Kathy Nelson, in 2018.

     With dedication to rich, diverse student experiences, Dr. Dias and her leadership team guide teachers and students with a focus on educating the “whole child”, while strengthening crucial 21st century skills involving communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, civic responsibility and global awareness.  

   That means empowering students to be innovative thinkers who confidently embrace academic rigor and challenge as part of the learning process . Espousing a well-rounded approach to education, World Academy helps students reach outside their comfort zone to explore new interests and opportunities, while developing self-direction, teamwork, perseverance and accountability. 

Integrating Evolving Theories and Philosophies Into Curriculum. 

“Understanding how students learn and process new information allows us to better meet the needs of our students,” says Dr. Dias. “By taking what we know about the brain and learning, we can apply research-based techniques to enhance our teaching and personalize learning. Students are growing up in a rapidly changing world and their futures will present far different opportunities and careers than those of today. We want to provide them with the hard and soft skills needed to synthesize knowledge from multiple disciplines in order to address future challenges”.

World Academy offers students an opportunity to flourish in a diverse culture that promotes a love of learning while fostering empathy and respect for others. Thus, making tomorrow’s leaders much more capable of respectfully handling challenges and leading our communities into a brighter global future.

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