Mother Holding Baby

One of a Kind Find: The Special Care Nursery

May 31, 2017 NH Women Magazine

Special care nurseries care for babies who are born a little early, who need a little extra help after birth, who need to stay for a couple extra days because of jaundice or low blood sugar. They may care for babies whose moms are being treated for addiction and who were exposed to drugs or medications. Many care for twins and for babies who no longer require Level III care and transition to a special care nursery as the next step home. […]

Trying to Get Pregnant

Reconnecting With Your Own Rhythm for Healing and Family Planning

May 19, 2017 NH Women Magazine

A woman who is currently using NFP reports “Besides the cost of a checkup, NFP is totally free. There are no paid subscriptions to a monthly pill pack. NFP also allows me the opportunity to understand my body and how it works. I track my cycle every day and see changes in cervical discharge. This helps me understand what is happening with my body in general, and my fertility cycle. Perhaps the most fulfilling part of practicing NFP is the authentic, loving, and communicative relationship it promotes.” […]

Hospital Food Options

CMC Exclusive: Eating During Labor

May 11, 2017 NH Women Magazine

So, why the restriction on eating during labor? A little bit of history is needed to understand the answer. As labor and birth moved from home to hospital in the first quarter of the 20th century, a variety of anesthetics were tried with laboring women to limit (or eliminate) pain. Some of the anesthesia used put women to sleep during labor and increased the risk of aspiration – the entry of fluids or food from the gastrointestinal tract to the respiratory system, a potentially life threatening occurrence. […]

Using a Doula

All About Doulas!

March 21, 2017 NH Women Magazine

While studies show that having a doula decreases the mother’s risks for interventions, including Cesarean birth, there is not one magic bullet for getting the ideal birth, not even having a doula. No one knows how birth will go. There are so many factors impacting a woman’s birth experience. Hiring a doula who is right for you is an important part of birth preparation and can make a positive impact on any birth no matter what type of birth a woman has. However, a doula who is skilled at developing and supporting flexibility, resiliency, and determination. […]

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