You Are Unique. Your Pregnancy Care Should Be, Too.

November 15, 2018 NH Women Magazine

Let’s consider the many decisions you will have to make before your baby is born. You will decide whether working with an OB/GYN or certified nurse-midwife is best for you. You will contemplate giving birth in the comfort of your home or in the hospital. You will imagine what your baby’s nursery will look like, and what name you will give your precious bundle of joy.  You likely will not wonder which model of pregnancy care will best align with your lifestyle. But you should. […]


The Importance of Immunizations

November 14, 2018 NH Women Magazine

The Importance of Immunizations Immunizations are major public health interventions that help prevent the general population from diseases and infections. They serve two purposes—the first is to protect the individual who gets the vaccination, and […]

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