Dog Cataracts
Pet Health

Canines and Cataracts

February 23, 2015 NH Women Magazine

Although we often see our canine companions sniffing their way around the yard and house, they are in fact very dependent on their vision for confident navigation. Their dependence on vision becomes most evident sadly, when it is lost because of illness or trauma. […]

Ask the Vet: Dr. Melissa Magnuson, Owner of Greenland Veterinary Hospital in Greenland, NH
Pet Health

Ask the Vet: Should I Feed My Dog a Grain-Free Diet?

February 23, 2015 NH Women Magazine

There are many pet food diets to choose from but I have found that grain-free diets keep our pets the healthiest. By reducing the amount of carbohydrates (especially simple carbohydrates like wheat and corn) pets have less issues with weight gain, allergies, and maintain a better overall health status). […]

Sex: How Much is normal for a married couple
Love Life

Sex: How Much is “Normal” for a Married Couple?

February 19, 2015 NH Women Magazine

If you’ve been married or together with your partner for a loooong time (and they still make you giggle like a teenager), you may find yourself wondering how your sex life compares to other couples in your respective category. I mean, c’mon. Like you’ve never thought about it? Of course you have! We all have. […]


Eat MORE for Flatter Abs. Yes, We Said More!

February 19, 2015 NH Women Magazine

Belly Fat Diet For Dummies author Erin Palinski-Wade has offered her advice on foods that can give you flatter abs. Wade says that one of the ways to burn off belly fat without feeling hungry is by making sure you’re eating healthy proteins such as plant based proteins (like lentils and soybeans), fish and white meat poultry. […]

Jennifer Aniston Style

Celebrity Looks for Less: Jennifer Aniston

February 17, 2015 NH Women Magazine

We all love Jen’s classic style. She always looks so effortlessly put together. I’m on a quest to get the same style as the top celebs for a fraction of the cost. This look was from a recent photo. I just love the relaxed, classic style of this outfit. Of course, I assume it costs thousands of dollars (Hello, Friends!). As a mom, I have a budget I have to look at. BUT, I knew that I could find something pretty darn close to the flawless Jennifer Aniston’s taste. […]

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